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Meet Nicole

Searching for the right person to care for your children can be such an exhausting search. I would love to tell you a little about myself to ease your nerves. Who am I? I am just like you. I am a parent above all other things in life. I have always wanted the best for my children, even before they were born.  

Things I enjoy doing:  

  • Socializing 
  • Going to Church 
  • Spending time with extended family 
  • Making people laugh 
  • Planning parties 
  • BBQ’s on the weekend 
  • Swimming 
  • Adventure 
  • Dancing (nothing formal) 
  • Reading self-help everything! (I’m a nerd) 
  • Movies (Comedies & Mushy love stuff) 
  • Dave & Buster’s  (I'm a kid at heart)

In January 2014, I put my  professional career on hold to be a full time stay at home mom. I always knew I wanted to be home with my children when I started a family. I absolutely love kids, and I love being home with my children. Being home with your children is challenging and exciting! Now, my life is filled with sidewalk chalk, playdoh, paint, bubbles, coloring, slides, and toys...lots of toys! 

What do you do all day?

  "What do you do all day? Do you get bored?" If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me those questions, I would be rich! Caring for children is far from boring! So, what do I do? Well, I am the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of my household and I work for the Chief Executive Officers (CEO), my children! Anything they need I am handling for them. Anyone who has children knows that this is never ending and it’s 24/7! 

I am the housekeeper, chef, event planner, chauffer, teacher, accountant, nurse, entertainer, all bundled up in one body. The reality is I change diapers, feed kids constantly, clean up their messes, help them make messes, fix boo boos, cuddle, and help them fall asleep, while I’m seriously lacking some myself. However mundane those tasks sound, I love them. Every day I get to see my babies do something new and have fun! The giggles, laughs, cuddles, climbing, jumping, dancing, singing, new words, new tricks, new noises, new crafts…these keep me alive.  For all of you hardworking parents that get up, go to work, and do these things at the end of the day. I support you! You are doing great! I want you to know your children are in loving hands while you are out there doing your best to give them everything they need.

Why I chose in-home childcare?

For the last several years, before and after having my own family, I have offered childcare services to other parents in their own home. These services include date nights, play dates, mommy's helper, drop in care, etc.… 

Recently, I have felt a strong urge to do more. I want to help more than one family at a time. I decided to open an in-home childcare to offer a warm, nurturing environment for parents to bring their kids. Too often children are getting lost in the shuffle at large childcare centers. In my home, your child will receive one-on-one attention, love, trust, and the security they need and deserve to thrive in their development and in their relationships with other children.   


A few kind words other parents have shared...

  • "We had such a good experience with Nicole! I had never met her before when I contacted her through Care.com. I was a bit nervous because I hadn't hired anyone other than friends and family to watch my kids. Then a we had a last-minute babysitting need (needed to find someone within a couple days) and nobody we knew could watch them. I found Nicole and contacted her and she wrote back promptly. She agree to meet up with me and my kids before coming out to babysit them the next night. I knew right away that she was perfect! Very responsible, asked the right questions, payed attention to my kids, and listened to my needs well. She was also a good communicator both in person and via text/phone. The night she babysat my kids was a breeze (aka my kids liked her =)) AND to top it off she deep cleaned my whole house which was not a part of the job description. I will be hiring her if we have future babysitting needs and I highly recommend her!" -Rebecca

  • " Nicole is very dependable, intelligent and always puts others first. She is a quick learner and very organized. She's a hard worker and always makes sure the job is done correctly. I would highly recommend her to my family and friends." - Rachel

  • "Nicole offers what parents need most, peace of mind! I know that when my son is in her hands he is happy, learning, well fed and most importantly, safe. Nicole creates a great environment for kids to have fun, play safe and experience healthy separation from mom and dad." - Erin

  • " Nicole is amazing. I knew when I met Nicole that she was a great caregiver. She is fantastic with teaching and playing with our 6 year old son. She does crafts and fun projects to keep him busy and learning at the same time. I highly recommend her to anyone!" -Yen

  • " Nicole is very good with kids. She is kind, loving but firm. She upholds our family behavior and discipline standards. Nicole has been watching my two girls since they were babies and they consider her an aunt. She is creative and loves to find fun ways for the kids to learn." -Rachelle

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Tiny Bear Day Care, LLC

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